Picky Pup Premium PRO Treats

Picky Pup is a Premium Protein Treat!

Picky Pup is a 100% All Natural beef treat that can be used for training and handling, a delicious vessel for administering medicine to your pet or used as a topper for those picky eaters that could use a little encouragement to dive into their day to day meal.

When we created Picky Pup, it was to encourage our own dog, Suka, a 5 year old husky, to eat her daily meals. She loved it as a topper and it was a complete winner when used for a training treat! Her response was amazing and quickly turned into a product we wanted to share with the world.

Picky Pup contains NO by-products, NO Grains, NO Nuts, NO GMOs, NO antibiotics and NO hormones! and is Gluten Free! It was important to us to develop a recipe that was not only delicious but made with all natural and organic ingredients.